In Hell With Mistress Rhiannon

Mistress Rhiannon comes back again with some more naughty action scenes. The black haired big busted woman knows just how to show off while she’s playing with her prey as always and we think that you’d quite like to check out her action scene this afternoon. As you can see in this preview below, the woman has gotten her slutty little hands on a nice little male sex slave and she intends to put him to some good use this afternoon. She has this long play session planned out for him and he has to hold strong for her teasing too. Let’s get to the bottom of things without delay and let’s see her doing her best job to tease him while not allowing him to cum.


As the show starts, the mistress comes into full view first and you will recognize that sexy outfit on the spot. It’s the nice and sexy leather dress that she got to wear in past scenes and you know that it just makes her look absolutely amazing. Well as she makes her way into her sexy little play room, you can see that she already has the naughty sex slave prepped on the rack upside down all naked. See her starting to play with his balls first and eventually the guy gets to feel her masterful hand stroking that now rock hard cock. The trick is like we said, that he needs to not blow. Otherwise he’s going to get punished even worse and he doesn’t want that for sure!

Check out the kinky mistress punishing her slave!