Rhiannon Wants To Play

Hey there again everyone. Mistress Rhiannon truly wants to play, just as the title says it. Well, she has herself a nice little toy to do that too just like the mistresses from hey little dick. It’s one new slave that she coerced into playing with her for the afternoon and as you can observe it’s a very submissive and sexy dark haired babe. She may not pack big juicy tits, but she’s still quite beautiful and very apt at pleasing the dominating busty beauty today. The action gets to take place in her closet of all places but as you can see, Rhiannon has quite the sizable wardrobe, so the closet itself is more akin to a small room more than anything else. Anyway, let’s get this started!

The sex slave sports nothing but a pair of high heels and the mistress herself was wearing just a red corset that made those tits look even rounder and perkier too. Anyway, she wants a first hand impression of her high heels as well and the best place to test them are on the other babe’s face. She has quite good taste in shoes, and we mean that literally, so watch the cutie licking Rhiannon’s red shoes as she worships her today. And yes by the end she did receive a verdict about them too. All in all it’s a amazing scene, so watch it all and enjoy it. We’ll bring you some more new ones next week, so make sure you stick around guys! Bye bye for now!


See the kinky mistress punishing her submissive slave!